D - Design

Bring new technologies to market faster

Longsys has the ability to independently develop firmware programs and application design, by which it can quickly and efficiently solve client problems at the code level and design products that meet customer needs based on customer application scenarios.

  • 293 patents
  • Independent substrate design
  • Independent firmware development
  • Self-production tools
  • Independent software development


Improve productivity and quality with modular products

Modular products greatly reduce the loss of products during assembly and transportation, while increasing the capacity and quality of products, and reducing costs for customers.

  • U disk module
  • Embedded U disk module
  • Wireless module
  • Integrated SSD module


Localization + Customization

Longsys has professional FAE support and local testing team, and builds laboratories with important customers to fully verify product compatibility and reliability, assist customers to smoothly introduce mass production, respond to and serve customers anytime, anywhere.

  • Localized production + support
  • Customizable firmware
  • Industrial Design Services
  • Joint Lab

DMS for Embedded Storage

Longsys has its own controllers such as eMMC/eUFS and a senior firmware development team that can quickly and efficiently solve client problems at the code level and support hardware and software customization.

Firmware default features:

  • IDA (initial data acceleration)
  • FBA (free block acceleration)
  • Cache
  • Firmware backup
  • Pre-exchange
  • Power-loss safeguard

DMS for SSD Storage

Lock the BOM for OEM customers and provide long-term stable product supply services.

  • Write protection function SSD
  • MLC-based SLC SSD implementation
  • Data destruction function SSD
  • Fire encryption SSD

DMS for Automotive Storage

All industrial products are subject to more stringent industrial specifications, semiconductor screening standards and test procedures for quality control, ensuring stable data retention during operation and good resistance to environmental disturbances.

Industrial eMMC:
  • Capacity: 8GB~128GB
  • Operating temperature: -25 ~ 85 °
  • Reliable data retention technology and power failure protection
Industrial LPDDR:
  • Capacity: 12Gbit-24Gbit
  • Operating temperature: -25 ~ 85 °C
  • Speed rating up to 1600M

Total Quality Management (TQM) System of Longsys

Longsys implements the Total Quality Management (TQM) system whereby all employees participate in the whole process management of quality planning, quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement to strictly control every link of the products’ full lifecycle, and provide customers professional after-sales services

Development stage:
  • Special management with product lifecycle management system
  • High standard product quality control and process quality assurance
  • Product functional comprehensive testing and reliability verification
Production stage:
  • Standardized production quality management process
  • Supplier audit and performance management system
  • Fully automated production of advanced manufacturing equipment
  • Entire intelligent monitoring by MES system
After-sales service phase:
  • Set up a learning-oriented after-sales service team
  • Offer quick response to provide technical support
  • Create a management database for quality problems reported by customers
  • Perform root- cause analysis and continuous improvement to prevent re-occurrence